Orchestra Prepares for UIL Competition

By Victoria Guerrero

For orchestra students,  performing in front of judges is a piece of cake compared to performing in front of critical parents.

So on Feb. 21, the orchestra held their annual UIL preview concert to illustrate what they have been working on since winter break.

“[The orchestra] got the music after Christmas break,” senior Patrick Hawbecker said.

The Concertino Orchestra performed pieces by Moret and Telemann. Concert Orchestra, the non varsity entry, did a rendition of Handel’s “Sinfonia No. 6,” the prelude from “Prelude and Dance,” and “Rhythm Sticks.” The Chamber Orchestra, the varsity entry, previewed their rehearsed songs written by Bach, Cortez and Meyer. Finally, the Full Orchestra played “Casus Belli,” the prelude from “La Traviata” and “Old Ironsides, the Champion of the Seas” by Woolstenhulme.

“I like the new 20th century pieces,” director Don Bustos said. ” ‘Meditation’ was a pretty cool one too.”

Bustos also treated  the audience to a lesson in quartal quintal harmony and explained the 20th century theme of the ensemble.

“The solos were the best part,” freshman Courtney Johnson said.

The UIL concerts will take place Feb. 28 to Mar. 1.

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