Young Lacrosse Team Faces Bumpy Start

By Bryan Chaparro

Team captain, Jeffery Heinrich, feels that even with the overwhelming amount of new faces, the team still has a bright season ahead.

Lacrosse played the Central Catholic Buttons as the visitor on Feb. 21 that resulted in their first loss of the season.

“I have never played with a team that fights until the last whistle like we did,” Heinrich said.

Although they left the field unhappy with a score of 9-2, they don’t plan on letting their loss keep them down.

“The first half was not our greatest but second half we took it to them,” junior Rocco Whiting said.

They then faced Roosevelt on Feb. 23. There seemed to be some confusion, as the new players didn’t know the rules, and the Mavs took home their second loss of the season, ending with an 11-0 score.

“I think with having a back to back game, we didn’t have enough time to prepare and recover from the previous,” sponsor Janeen Kellogg said.

There next game is on March 1 against St. Anthony at 4:30 p.m. at St. Anthony.

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