February 2012

‘Guys and Dolls’ A Good Bet

By Alexandra Gutierrez

Let’s roll the clock back about 60 years. Let’s go to New York City. Let’s meet some gangsters, some gamblers, a few short-skirted showgirls, and a couple of mission dolls. Let’s get carried away in this mixture, sing some show tunes, and break into dance in the middle of the streets. Let’s be “Guys and Dolls.”

Superbowl Sunday Sets the Stage For NFL’s Best

By Richard Hernandez |

With the collective attention of the nation focused, we find a familiar sight. It’s a rematch. The New England Patriots and the New York Giants both prepare for the final game of the season as the sports community gives thanks for yet another season of NFL football.

Soccer Kicks Off Season

By Alexandra Gutierrez | Photos by Stephany Garcia and Stephanie Escalante |

It’s time again for the world’s number one sport to pay a visit. It’s soccer season and teams have already been practicing all through winter.

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