Varsity Baseball Begins Pre District Season

By Richard Hernandez | Photo by Ayana Johnson

With their last game ending in a 7-0  loss to O’Connor, the baseball team feels the loss of its senior core. Seniors come and go, but for the baseball team the graduating class of 2011 left a huge hole in the roster.

We’re still trying to answer questions,” head coach Jacob Raley said. “We lost a three-year starter at first base and a three-year starter at third base, and it’s hard to replace guys like those. It’s going to take a lot of practice, but that’s what the pre-district season’s for.”

With the start of the new season the team not only has new players to work with, but they also have new bats. These new bats have a lower velocity, keeping the ball from traveling as far as they would with the bats that the players have grown accustomed to.

“They’re not as strong as the old ones, but if we keep working with them it’ll get easier,” junior Matthew Coesens said.

The team is still hopeful to reach what seems to be the universal goal for high school sports: win a district championship.

“Our expectations are to win a district championship,” Raley added. “I think we have some really strong senior leadership, and we just got to get better at playing the game.”

The baseball team plays it’s next opponent, Marble Falls, Mar. 1 at Kerrvile.

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