Coaches Confident About Softball Season

By Victoria Guerrero | Photo by Charlene Ferrill

Chris Evert once said, “I don’t need my happiness, my well-being, to be based on winning and losing.”  Though Evert was a tennis player, her sentiments are felt by the softball coaches.

This year the softball coaches are looking forward to the remainder of the season and living up to last year’s expectations.

In 2011, the girls softball teams were bi-district champs and area finalists. This year the teams hope to surpass that achievement.

“I think we’re on track to meet or exceed that,” coach Jill Cupp said.

This year the softball team is second only to Churchill in the district. The Mavs will face the Churchill Chargers on April 5 at Basse-McCollough. While the teams are working hard to usurp the Chargers, the teams aren’t losing sight of what matters – the team’s drive and hard work.

“The kids want to be out there,” Coach Vanessa Villarreal said. “They really enjoy softball.”

Since early January, the softball teams have been practicing for this season. As always the coaches have been encouraging the teams from the beginning.

“Our coaches always give me a pep talk before I go up to bat and always tell me when I’m doing a good job pitching,” Senior pitcher Ashleigh Pachecano said.

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