Summa Reception Proved Fun, Emotional

Senior Veronica Salvio honors Japanese teacher Mr. Cadena at the Summa Reception March 20. Photo by Shayna Fernico.

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Shayna Fernico |

Maybe it was a teacher, a counselor, or a grandparent; at one point in everyone’s life, there was someone who was older, wiser, someone who knew the world better than you did. At the Summa Reception held March 20, 58 academically excellent students came together to celebrate their accomplishments as well as these educators who impacted and improved their lives.

These students, who have a 100+ average, feel they have sacrified to get where they are.

“We’re not afraid to take AP classes,” senior Joshua Johnston said.

They feel this is what gives them an edge as they advance into their college plans.
“We’re prepared for college,” senior Geraldine Franco said.
At the reception, each honored student is required to write a short speech to introduce their teacher honoree and explain why they were chosen. This produced some mildly sarcastic speeches, especially in Johnston’s case. He honored History teacher Rob Looper, a man known for his teaching methods as well as his unique sense of dry humor. Johnston chose to mention Looper’s rarely-seen “million dollar smile” which had his former students and fellow faculty chuckling. While some were humorous, other speeches were very sentimental and emotional.
“Some teachers were on the verge of tears and some students were even getting choked up,” Johnston said.
The Reception, attended by the superintendent, is a big deal for the students as well as the teachers they honor.
“For my Summa honoree, I chose my Japanese 4 AP teacher. It was a big deal for him because Japanese 4 AP is so new to Madison. When I told him, his face lit up,” senior Veronica Salvio said.
Some may think these students miss out on the typical “high school experience.” However, these students have social lives, extra curricular activities and even jobs.
“Colleges want someone who is very well-rounded. You have to put your finger in every bowl,” Salvio said.

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