“The Hunger Games” Sets The Bar High


By Kristian Bush

It’s a movie unlike no other and it’s sweeping the nation in theaters and in bookstores. “The Hunger Games” has consumed minds and has left them in the dimension of the capitol. The phenomenon all started with three books and has since grown into a New York Times best selling series and now into a movie.

The story line is based in the country of Panem which is subdivided into 12 districts. A 12-18 year old boy and girl from each district are raffled off into “The Hunger Games,” an annual competition that ends with only one person alive. In the midst, the  tributes are challenged to stay alive while testing their survival and combat skills.

The movie premiered in movie theaters on March 23 at midnight. With sold out sales nationwide, it proved to be a major hit. The movie closely follows the storyline of the books, but the old standard about movies never living up to books was true. There were many key details that were discussed in the book that did not make it into the movie and did not quite give the movie the same feel as the book. On the other hand, the acting was incredible and the casting was done very well.  Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen was sensational in capturing emotion throughout the movie and couldn’t have been casted better.

The Hunger Games, overall, was a quality interpretation of the novel and with the two other movies coming out have a lot to live up to.

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