TSA Best In State

By Leslie Fuentes

TSA students left for Waco on April 1 with subwoofers and catapults in the trunks of their cars for a state meet at which members of the team placed high in the competition.

“I was overwhelmed with excitement for winning first place in a competition that I’ve done for three years,” TSA President Kourtney Achenbach said.

Students from TSA worked on projects and studied for tests for months leading up to the state meet. Some people tested and designed; others thought outside the box and built a subwoofer.

“[Building] it [the subwoofer] was aggravating,” junior Colton Devora said. “We would get pieces crooked and I didn’t know how that would affect the box.”

Although building the subwoofer was a difficult task, the idea was easy sailing.

“I was sitting in class one day wondering if I could shoot a ping pong ball using a band pass subwoofer,” junior Evan Martinez said.

After about one month of preparing the subwoofer, the hard work of the team finally paid off.

“It was an exhilarating feeling to learn that we won first place at state competition,” Martinez added. “Personally this is [my] first time ever entering a state competition.”

According to competitors, the three-day trip was a thrill for all and placing in the competition was a just icing on the cake.


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