Baseball Steals Their Way Into Playoffs

By Richard Hernandez

It’s come to that point of the season: where everything that a team has worked for either makes or breaks them, and as the baseball team approaches their last two district games, they feel that their run isn’t stopping soon.

“We’ve been playing great,” junior Colton Scott said. “Before we were all out there for the wrong reasons, but now we play together as a team. If we keep playing this way we will be unstoppable.”

With the Mavs baseball team coming off an 8-4 victory over Reagan on April. 17, the team continues to work their way towards for a higher seat in the playoff picture.

“Right now there’s four teams and everyone’s within one game of each other,” head coach Jacob Raley said. “We are playing for positioning right now. We are going to just go out, play our last two games and let the rest figure itself out.”

The Mavs have already solidified their spot in the playoffs, but their hopes for playoffs run deeper than the first round.

“I feel like if we keep playing this way we can go as far as we want,” Scott added. “We have good chemistry and everyone gets along. We’re gonna give it our all.”

The baseball team will be facing off against Lee on April. 20 at BAC, and although the team has already made their way into playoffs they aren’t taking the game lightly.

“[The remaining games] are very important. They count as much as the last ten district games counted and we want to win as many we can,” Raley said. “I think we are much better than we were in the start of the season, and at this point the guys expect to win.”

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