Softball Swings Into Playoffs

By Sarah Thibodeaux | Photo By Dreyson Doyle |
On April 20, the varsity softball team goes into their biggest game of the year so far. This game, against Johnson, serves as a tie breaker and determines whether or not the Lady Mavs are seated in second or third place in playoffs. Last year, the team made it to the second round of playoffs, the furthest they had ever gone.
“A win would put us in second, and a loss would put us in third,” coach Jill Cupp explained. “We’re in playoffs for sure, but this game determines our seating.”
Since there’s only four teams in district that are active during playoffs, every game can determine a team’s spot in playoffs. However, with a 9-3 win-loss ratio, the team is confident about how far they’ll go in playoffs this year.
“Our team has the ability to make it all the way,” junior Tatiana Olveda said. “[We’ve improved], I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team come so far. If we win, it’ll be the biggest celebration the team has ever seen.”
With their record this season, the girls feel that they have done their very best and are looking forward to the playoffs.
“The team has played to the best of their abilities,” senior Nicole Clodfelter said. “We know what we will face and I feel very prepared.”

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