Senior Class Ready to Take on the World

By Victoria Guerrero |

Will I make it to graduation? What happens if I trip on stage? What if I get fired from my summer job? What’s waiting for me at college, basic training, career school or work? What about after that?

Every senior is faced with an endless list of personal questions. None of those questions have ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers and one size doesn’t fit all.  But at this critical time when students make important decisions and final choices, the 724 graduating seniors of 2012 are ready to take on the world.

“They become the leaders of the free world,” Assistant Principal Kelly Taylor said of the soon-to-be graduates, “They are inheriting the greatest country on the globe. We offer more opportunities and freedoms than any other country. I’m so proud to send out graduates prepared to lead and care for this great nation.”

Taylor is backed up by statistics provided by the US Treasury. In 2011, the

Treasury accounted for $16590.2 billion in total assets; that’s up more than $7061.4 billion from four years ago. Despite the optimistic numbers some

are still wary of the price of independence.

“I’m scared of paying my own bills,” senior Angela Banda said.

While stability of the economy is important, it’s not the only thing that the seniors will be experiencing for the first time.

“They [the graduates] start on a journey of self-discovery,” Assistant Principal Joseph Williams said.

When it comes to finding themselves, some seniors are looking abroad to explore options before it comes down to decision time.

“I can’t wait to go to Germany,” senior Erika Chapa said.

Seniors are headed far and wide this summer; some are headed to Spain with the German, French and Spanish clubs, though not everyone is boarding a plane after June 5. Some seniors have opted to stay in San Antonio to work summer jobs or begin basic training for different branches of the military.

“I’m ecstatic to go to basic training,” senior Michael Ely said.

Whether going abroad or to Corpus, looking forward to the future or dragging their heels, most seniors can agree that time is passing fast.

“I’m just trying to enjoy what I have now,” Nicolas Ramirez said, paraphrasing the sentiments of many.

With five days of school left for the senior class, time is passing by quickly for the soon-to-be graduates. In a matter of hours (roughly 32 hours, starting Monday) the seniors will be finished with their final exams and be preparing for graduation on June 5.

“It’s exciting and terrifying.” Phillip Trujillo said about the future.

There isn’t really a neat way to sum up the duality of the future. No one knows if plans will fail or if gravity will strike when someone is walking across the stage. But if the worst does happen the seniors of 2012 can always fall back on the life lessons they learned at Madison.

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