Madison’s Boastful Spirit

By Celine Morris

On Sept. 14, excitment permeated throughout the DEMAC to the humid Friday morning campus.

“The pep rallies really emphasize the importance to support our high school and the people who represent the school through athletics,” junior orchestra member Kaela Zimmerman said. “They teach us that spirit isn’t just wearing your school colors, but it’s also about letting the athletics know that we are proud about their work.”

As much of an effort that the pep rally is to put together, it always turns out great due to the faculty and spirit groups.

“They get everyone excited for the game,” senior choir member Clarissa Salas said. “I know the football players get really pumped up when they hear the drumline on game days.”

Many of the students go to or even participate in the pep rallies to encourage their friends and to show school spirit.

“I supported the volleyball team at the last pep rally because of our participation in the group games,” sophomore volleyball player Madison Slaughter explained.

The teachers always add even more energy and thrill to the competitions when they choose to participate in the event.

“I think it is awesome that they get involved,” sophomore football player Matthew VanOrman said. “It makes them less frightening and more laid back.”

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