Mavnation Invasion

On Oct. 24 pop group Karmin invaded the campus after winning a school spirit contest held by Mix 96.1. During 8th period seniors, juniors, spirit groups, and band were released to the Gilmore for this exclusive concert.

“I hadn’t even heard of her before the contest so I was hoping she was as good as everyone made her out to be but she definitely lived up to espectations. Especially when she started to rap,” senior Stacy Dramis said.

The spirit office received a special phone call from Russel Rush during 5th period to inform the staff that the campus won.

“I didn’t think we were going to win because he tricked us [when he called]. He made us think we didn’t win then surprised us and said something like ‘we wanted to thank all the high schools for participating and we’re going to invade your high school!’. It was fun and he let us talk on the radio,” freshman Adrianna Salas said.

In contrast to other pep rallies, this one required more work and preparation to ensure everything would go as planned.

“People dont realize but a lot of time and money go into each pep rally to make it a success. So Mrs. Flynn and I spent alot of time planning with the people from Mix96.1 and Mr. Ozuna. Coach Boyd helped us the day of to organize Karmin and her band,” dance instructor Mary Barrow said.

Furthermore, winning the contest showed San Antonio how the school stands apart from other campus’.

“I think it’s obvious that when you talk best in the city we are proof. We tell students all the time that this is the best campus and now we have verification,” principal Chris Thompson said.
















































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