Perfectly Perky

A story about friendship, romance, and a lot of love. “Perks of Being a Wallflower” will bring you to tears by the end.  “Perks of Being a Wallflower” really shows you a story about how high school shall truly be conquered.

The movie stars Logan Lerman— also the star of “Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief”—as Charlie, a shy, very intelligent young man, who starts his day of high school.  Lerman is accompanied by Emma Watson as Sam and Ezra Miller as Patrick.  Sam and Patrick are step brother and sister, Patrick being in the closet about his sexuality and Sam just trying to find the right guy to fall in love with; both have their issues but never reveal the secrets of what is really going on.

The acting choice for this film was done perfectly; every role, every character, perfectly portrayed by the actor/actress themselves. A movie like this one deserves a cast that can get right down to it, but also have that bond like no other, and they succeeded with choosing that magnificent cast.

Throughout the story, you will find out about how Charlie is struggling with his best friend’s suicide that had occurred a few months before hand. Not showing, but feeling, all of the depressed emotions that are bottled up inside, Charlie is sure to explode sooner or later. Dealing with flashbacks from a not-so-sure time throughout the film, you never really understand what had happened, until it hits you.

The background love stories, the humor of the pure joyful friendship, screaming football games, late night “after game” diner trips, and long drives are all made to be practically what “Perks” is all about.

The end of this film, is very much worth the wait. Never wanting it to end, always wanting more. Perks of Being a Wallflower is truly an amazingly perfect example, of why we cry when we do, and why we enjoy the friendships that we have, while we have them.

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