Varsity Proves Victorious

Broken collar bones, hurt ankles, dislocated shoulders and 42-21 win.

It seemed like nothing could hold the Mavericks back at the game against the Reagan Rattlers on Oct. 13. A lot of pain was felt on the field as player after player suffered injury, but they still came out on top with a 24-21 win.

“It [winning] felt great,” head coach Jim Streety said. “Our players played a great game and Reagan is a good team.”

The team went in, knowing it was going to be a tough game and understanding they would have to play their hardest to redeem themselves after last year’s tough loss. Throughout most the game, Madison held a big lead but plays started to take a turn.

Starting quarterback Cody Ennis suffered a broken collar bone, running back Marquis Warford strained his shoulder, running back Galen McAllister injured his shoulder,  and linebacker Josh Meno injured his ankle. All, except Ennis, were able to take the field against Lee the following week; Ennis claims he will be out through most playoffs. However, the team isn’t discouraged.

“They’ll [the team] will be the same,” Ennis said.” They’re a strong team—a really good team. I’mm going to be there for the team to support them.”

For the reamainder of the season Tyler Mangold and Southern will be replacing Ennis on the field and the team still looks on to a promising season.

“It was unfortunate that Cody got hurt, but we had complete faith in Tyler [Mangold] to get the job done,” junior wide receiver Kyle Southern said. “It’s [playing without Cody] gonna be difficult, it will take some getting used to but everyone knows what they need to do to win.”

They proved that in the homecoming game against Lee on Oct. 19. Varsity came out on top with a 56-7 lead against the Volunteers. On Nov. 3, the M&M Bowl will be taking place at Heroes Stadium at 7 pm.

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