Teacher Runs For Office

Edward Coleman may teach law enforcement related courses here at Madison, but that does not hold him back from practicing what he preaches.  The ballot for Constable of Precinct 3 in Bexar County will have Coleman on it and he has a few plans if he gets elected.

“[I want] to restore confidence for all the citizens,” Coleman said.

Coleman ran for office four years ago but unfortunately lost by a very small margin of ten percent. This second attempt receives high hopes from students.

“He knows a lot about law enforcement,” Senior Matthew Gonzales said.

While Coleman cannot actively campaign in the school, students still support their teacher and have faith in his current run.

“He’s a good person, “Junior Hannah Cooper said. “He has a lot of good insight.”

Students also helped him initially realize this desire during class a few years back. After the dream came back to him, he finally took the steps to run for office.

“I told her [a student] my dream. She asked, ‘How can you tell us to follow our dreams if you did not follow yours?’” Coleman said.

With Election Day in sight, Coleman and his supporters anxiously wait for Nov 6th to see the outcome of this race. Until then, everyone involved with his campaign will need to continue to wait with baited breath.

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