“Cinderella” In a New Light

By Randee Schmitt

Children and parents alike leave the theater with warm hearts and smiling faces as a beloved fairy tale is brought to life in a whole new light. The Madison Drama Department presents their take on the classic story “Cinderella” on Nov. 15 and 16 in the auditorium. With time working against him, Prince John (Carson Rose) struggles to find a suitable princess to marry. Upon ruling out all available princesses, the king and queen announce to all maidens in the land a ball will be held to assist Prince John in finding a suitor.

Meanwhile, as if the death of her father wasn’t enough to deal with, sweet and beautiful Cinderella (Aleesa Cortez) is left with a cold and cruel stepmother (Sabrina Williams) and two equally hideous stepsisters (Reagan Nietsch and Lisa Marie Resendez). After a mysterious encounter in the woods with a boy named John, Cinderella arrives home to hear news of the ball.

By a magical turn of events, Cinderella manages to make it to the ball thanks to her fairy godmother (Jalitza Delgado) and her canine companion (Isabel Zamora). During the ball, Cinderella experiences an enchanting encounter with the mysterious boy she previously met, Prince John. At the stroke of midnight, Cinderella flees the ball, losing a shoe in the process. Prince John sets out alongside his parents and other nobles in hopes of finding the one that got away.

Arriving at the home of Cinderella and her step family  many are doubtful they will find the prince’s suitor. With Cinderella locked in the kitchen, it appears the only maidens left in the land are Cinderella’s step family  Just as hopes of finding his future princess are fading, Fairy Godmother saves the day, leaving the audience with the impression of “they all lived happily ever after”.

Overall the Maverick’s did justice to the timeless tale, adding fresh, new humor. Despite a few well played-off bloopers, the cast lit up the stage with their enthusiasm and exceptional acting skills. Children, teenagers, and adults alike will find themselves walking away with a new appreciation for the story of “Cinderella”.


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