FFA Booster Club Cooks Chili

By Raquel Bevien-Cervantes
On Oct. 14, the FFA Booster Club hosted the annual chili cook-off after school at the AGG building along with their monthly meeting. This fun competition gives a chance to bring parents and students together as they eat a carnivorous meal.
“The chili cook-off coincides with our regular FFA meeting,” agri-science magnet program director Justin Missildine said. “It is a way to build fellowship and promote camaraderie among the James Madison FFA family.”
Out of all the teachers and members of the boosters who loved chili, only five became the judges of the cook-off. Robert Thomason, James Willson, Tyler Handrik, David Robles and Jeff Lewis had to deeply analyze each of the ten chilies individually.
“We are looking for, at least I look for overall flavors,” chili judge Thomason said. “We can tell whether the chili is overpowering verses the flavor of the meat and the other seasonings they put in it.”
After much evaluations of the wide variety of chilies, the judges announced Cindy Christian as the winner. The FFA Booster Club awarded her with a shiny new trophy.
“Of course I’m going to brag,” FFA parent member Christian said. “I can rub it in everybody’s face.”

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