Bond Returns Shaken, Not Stirred in Skyfall

By Richard Hernandez

When you think James Bond odds are the first things that come to mind are fast cars, gorgeous women, action, fancy clothes, and a man on a mission. However, in Skyfall the Bond we see isn’t exactly the one we expect. Not saying it’s a bad thing.

In the first half hour or so of Skyfall James Bond isn’t the charismatic 007 we’ve all come to know. Instead Daniel Craig’s Bond, who is presumed to be dead after a mishap in the beginning of the film, is a broken, drunk, miserable version of himself. Bond is even seen with a beard for a portion of the beginning of the movie something that is unheard of for a man of such high nature. Of course this all leads to the inevitable rise of Bond.

Skyfall is a very unique Bond film. In every Bond movie there’s a Bond girl, but this time around we see the love interest in this movie not to be a sexual one but more of a motherly type of love. When M, played by Judi Dench, becomes at risk at the hand of cyber terrorist Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem, Bond becomes M16’s only hope.

This Bond entry isn’t as polished or flashy as the Bond’s of the past, but the change in recipe is quite refreshing. Skyfall is perhaps the best Bond movie that Craig has starred in. Skyfall surpasses the mark set by Casino Royale and the mediocre installment Quantum of Solace. Skyfall is one of the highest grossing Bond movie of all time bringing in $794 million worldwide. Skyfall is definitely worth the price of admission, and is worth a second watch. Craig delivers the goods as Bond, and Bardem brings charm along with the nasty making Skyfall one of the best Bond movies.

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