The Dark Knight Rises to the Blu Ray Experience

By Richard Hernandez

It’s been hailed as one of the year’s best movies, and after bringing in a truck load of profits from the box office the smash hit the Dark Knight Rises has arrived to dvd and Blu ray.

For a movie with such magnitude some might be concerned with the home theater experience, but the Dark Knight Rises brings the big screen to you. The Blu Ray experience allows for the movie watcher to experience the breath taking visuals that the Dark Knight Rises is made of to continue to be as breath taking even on the small screen. With half of the film being captured with IMAX cameras the Blu Ray experience will switch to a full screen to a wide screen format to make the experience feel all that more grand.

The Blu Ray combo pack comes packed with extra features to keep those wondering what made the Dark Knight Rises such a spectal. The movie includes a documentary on the progression of the Batmobile over the years, The Journey of Bruce Wayne which showcases the incredible journey that the man who was Batman went through, and many more. So for those of you wondering if it’s worth the investment, it definitely is. The movie itself is worth a second or third watch, and the Blu Ray experience just enhances the home movie experience.

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