Valentines For All


Your loved ones will be counting on you as Valentine’s Day approaches. The day you show your sweetheart how much you care by gathering their favorite things. Deciding on what to get may be the hard part. People always say if you know your love well enough you should know what to buy. Usually flowers and gourmet chocolates do the trick, but for some not so simple girls, they want more then just the norm.

Thought of as the second Christmas, couples look forward to the day. By living up to the cliche “Go Big or Go Home”, students buy the biggest bears and most expensive chocolate. Girls love to be showered with huge gifts, but first year couples take it easy. It should not be stressful and your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate any gift. If you can’t think of what to buy, consider making a DIY (Do It Yourself) craft. It’s easy and makes your gift more special. A gift like this can also be made for a friend.

Single students shouldn’t feel left out. Take advantage of the day and exchange valentines with your friends. It allows you to show your appreciation and still celebrate without being a couple. You no longer have to despise the day and wonder if you are getting chocolates. Your friends will be there for you and maybe even your enemies will show some compassion. So as the day adjourns and everyone is tired of carrying their bountiful blessings hopefully everyone enjoys another Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Emma Anderson | March 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm |

    I love valentines day its my favorite holiday! <3

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