Student Council Spreads Valentine’s Love

By Raquel Bevien-Cervantes

 It’s finally that time of year where love is in the air and everyone prepares the traditional festivities to celebrate the special holiday of Valentine’s Day. Student Council offers to make gift-giving easier by selling one dollar carnations at the cafeteria for the third year in a row. One can pre-order carnations from Feb.  4- 12 and can pick up their flowers on Feb. 13th and Valentine’s Day so that they can give it to that special someone.

 “Valentine’s Day is a good holiday to show your love for everyone in your community,” junior Student Council member Brianna Comacho said, “whether it’s friends, family or a significant other.”

Not only do the romantics benefit from this but the school does as well. For the amount of carnations sold, Student Council uses that money to pay for other school events such as homecoming.

 “It’s actually a fundraiser for Student Council,” Student Council sponsor Julie Masters said. “We pay for homecoming and for all of those events right out of our pocket so this helps us fund those future events.”

 Not only is Student Council giving out carnations on Feb. 13 and 14th but they are also selling additional Valentine’ s Day items for a dollar. These items include stuffed animal penguins and pigs with hearts on them, teddy bears and bracelets.

“We’re selling little stuffed animals and they’re really cute this year,” senior Student Council president Rebecca Molina said.

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