Walking On Thin Ice: A Breakthrough in the Music Community

By Garrett Ashley

In an economy fueled by the lowest common denominator, and a society whose rules are dictated by trends and catchiness, it’s a huge surprise when anything of true quality breaks to the forefront. Such is the case with our modern civilization, and in particular, our entertainment system. The music and movie industries have been polluted with works that are engineered to sell, foregoing any kind of artistic representation for the pursuit of money.
In such an industry, any artist who bypasses the traditional system and breaks for the surface with quality material is a hero, Walk the Moon being a prime example.

Formed in Cincinnati in 2008, Walk the Moon is an excellent blend of rock, pop, and indie, and brings all three styles together in a combination that can only be described as fun. Simple, catchy, fun.

The band’s first release on RCA Records, “Walk the Moon”, was met with good critical review and represents the first two years of the band’s existence, with songs off of their self released album, “i want! i want!” finding their way onto the LP. Walk the Moon’s musicianship shines through in all of their music, with certain sections of every song showcasing just how talented they are, even while their core melodies are simple and catchy. Their first single, “Anna Sun”, peaked at number 10 on Billboard’s Top 100 AltRock, and their song “Tightrope” was featured on the HP Envy laptop commercials, bringing them even more public exposure.

With a massive cult following, and an amazing live show, there’s no doubt that Walk the Moon’s blend of dancey-pop rock is sure to please for years to come and we look forward to the day they recieve the critical acclaim that they deserve.

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