Boots, Belts, and Big Jewelry

By Randee Schmitt

Boots, belts, and big jewelry – the halls of Madison filled with students participating in the annual FFA Week beginning Jan. 22.

The National FFA holds an FFA Week every year, and the Mavs follow suit, creating themes to have students be aware of and participate in FFA Week.

“The reason for FFA Week is to raise awareness of agriculture and all that it entails,” AMP teacher James Willson said. “The FFA ends the week by holding an FFA Friday – this year due to scheduling it will actually be on Monday the 28 – where all classes meet together in the Arena. We discuss scheduling options for the next year, activities that are upcoming, and all of the events that students can get involved in.”

To kick-off the week, students wore boots of every shape and style for Tuesday’s Boot Day. On Wednesday, the halls were filled with camouflage shirts, pants, and even shoes in honor of Camo Day. Thursday was Show Day in which students wore their best button down shirts, flashy jewelry, and their biggest belt buckles. Finally, students wore their FFA shirts or blue and gold to show support for Friday’s theme, FFA Spirit Day.

“To come up with the themes, the officer team got together and discussed possible ideas,” JMFFA president Colton Pouncy said. “We tried to have themes that everyone could participate in, but we still wanted them to be FFA related.”

While some students, such as chapter officer Hailey Noble, participated in FFA Week to show support for an organization they love, students not affiliated with the Ag program also joined in on the themes throughout the week. Teachers, too, both in and out of the Ag program participated.

“It is important for those students in agriculture to participate so other students can see that there is not a typical “Ag” student,” Willson said. “We have events that range from speaking contest, to floral arrangements, to an aquaculture lab, and then yes animals out in the barn. If students who are in FFA or Ag classes now participate it spreads the word and some students might just find an extracurricular event that fits them.”

FFA Week is just another example of students and teachers alike coming together to show their Maverick pride.

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