Course Fair Clears Confusion

By Randee Schmitt

With the end of the school year nearing faster than many students’ realize, the time to decide their future classes has arrived. Course fair was held on Jan 29 in hopes of informing students of all their choices for their upcoming school year.

“Course fair showed me everything that was available for me to do, and it helped me pick out and decide and decide what I wanted to do next year,” sophomore Irina Greenfield-Casas said.

Aside from the core classes setting up booths, tables with information about culinary arts, technology classes, forensic classes, and the various foreign languages offered, among many others were present.

“I was working at the Madison Kids Core booth most of the evening,” sophomore Suzanne Danial said. “Madison Kids Core is a community based organization that does things to help the community, like food drives, and coat drives. It’s awesome because we receive community service hours, so I think it was good that we were informing people about it at course fair.”

In addition to giving information about classes offered at Madison, some booths offering advanced courses also educated students about their options for college.

“When students who were interested in taking Pre-AP and AP courses visited our booth we would talk to them about what their plans were for the next year and how college prep classes were an important aspect of their education if they had any type of collegiate expectations or plans,” social studies teacher Heather Willson said.

Course fair, open to any incoming freshmen who want to learn more about their options for classes to take during their first year of high school, was designed to take some of the stress off current high school students as well.

“I think a lot of people in this time period are used to being entertained and getting short snippets of information,” Willson said. “It’s not ideal for people to go and look at a course catalog – which is pages upon pages of information – it’s just not how our society has been created and formed. Now people need that interaction, they need that motivation, they need the sparkle and the color so course fair is good to have. I just wish we had more upperclassmen attend so that we could talk to them more about their options as well.”


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