Varsity Baseball Takes First Loss in Stride

By Randee Schmitt

Starting the season off with a bang, the Varsity baseball team played a hard fought game against New Braunfels on Feb 19. With a final score of 7-6, the Mavs aren’t letting this loss slow them down.

“For some of the starters it was their first time on Varsity,” baseball coach Jacob Raley said. “There were obvious nerves, but I thought they played well, we just need to get better at execution.”

In hopes of “building on success from the previous years’” Raley says he expects his team to be a playoff team. The players, also have high hopes.

“I’m hoping for a state championship,” senior Kenneth Villarreal said. “And I hope to get there through hard work, teamwork, and dedication.”

To prepare for a game, Villarreal says he puts his headphones in to get pumped, focuses on a win, and gets “locked in”. Staying focused is key according to Raley, who admits that every team in the district will be some form of a competition for the Mavericks.

“I hope we go out with everything we have,” senior Dylan Pankey said. “I don’t want us to hold anything back.”

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