JV-A Steals an A-Plus Win

By Randee Schmitt

Walking away with a win, the Mavericks started off their season right as the JV A-Team won 5-3 against MacArthur on Feb 22.

“I thought we did exceptionally well, but it was mainly a team effort. It always is,” sophomore Eric Medina said.

With the season just beginning, a number of the players including freshman Mason Eddy aim “to win district.” Various players also hope to improve individually as well.

“I really hope to grow more as a hitter,” sophomore Michael Honse said. “I also want to grow as a leader and bond or grow closer with my teammates. I’m not playing the game for selfish gain.”

Many of the players have been playing baseball their whole lives. While some are just looking for a district win, others have their sights set on gaining a scholarship for college in their future. Nonetheless, the constant factor with these boys is their evident love of their sport.

“I just love the game. Always have,” said Honse. “It’s the perfect game. There’s no secret motivation or anything. I just love it. It’s that simple.”

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