‘What You Know’ About Two Door Cinema Club

By Richard Hernandez

Coming fresh off a tour in the United Kingdom, Two Door Cinema Club traveled across the sea to come start off their string of Texas shows. The band’s first stop was Stubbs in Austin, a city known for its love of music.

Fans started lining up at 2 pm to get an up close and personal view of the band. By the time the doors opened the line had already stretched across the block.  As fans ran to their seats the crowd began to discuss about the show at hand, and before you knew it opener Robert Delong took the stage.

With the crowd putting all focus on him Robert Delong began playing his unique brand of music. Delong’s music brought techno beats and fantastic drumming as the solo artist ran through his setlist. Delong most known for his song “Global Concepts” put his all into his music and showed his musical genius throughout. The most shocking part of his act was that he manipulated a Wii controller into changing the sound of his voice. Delong’s set was an impressive set leaving many in the Austin crowd talking about his incredible talent while they awaited their headlining band’s entrance.

As the sky turned black and the lights turned dim, everyone in attendance immediately started fan-girling as Two Door Cinema Club finally took the stage. Opening with their song “Sleep Alone” the band put on a show that would make any fan happy. They performed a majority of their songs from both albums, relying mostly on their debut album “Tourist History” to provide most of the energetic moments in the show, and using their songs off of “Beacon” to slow it down and go for a more arena rock sound.

The band performed every song with their all showing their passion for the music they make, and as they closed with their hit song “What You Know” the audience was as tired as the band as they danced and jumped around together throughout.

Overall the night was a great treat for anyone in attendance leaving everyone satisfied and awaiting the next chance to see the band.

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