Frankenstein’s Finale

By Raquel Bevien-Cervantes

            Families and friends eagerly entered the PAC building on April 11. The audience’s incessant chatter instantly died as the auditorium’s lights dimmed down at 7 p.m. The thick red curtains slowly pulled apart, revealing the drama department on stage performing the play ‘Playing With Fire (After Frankenstein)’ for the last time.

            “We’re sad that this is it,” drama director Cami Murphy said. “However the kids had a great season and I think that it was a good night.”

            ‘Playing With Fire’ is a one act theatrical that the drama organization used for the UIL competition which according to the judges was the most competitive district they have seen in all their years. Although the drama cast put in their best efforts in their acting, they did not advance.

            “It’s better to loose and know that you were going up against good competition instead of advancing without really having any good competition,” junior actor Jonathan Check said.

            The theater crew rehearsed thoroughly every day for two hours since February. Since this show focuses more on acting instead of special effects, the students spent much of their time memorizing lines and they finally showed what they have been practicing to their loved ones in their final show.

            “I have a couple of friends that were in the play and they acted their roles perfectly,” junior student Jade Fenton said. “I’m really glad that I saw them in action and I was able to show my support for them.”

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