Tremendous Tennis

By:Marlen Zamora


The year has just begun and the tennis team is already on fire. Their game on September 11, 2013 took place at Blossom Stadium where they beat out Roosevelt eleven matches to 3 matches. Although the team was successful they look forward to improving their consistency as a team and practicing even harder for the games to come.

 “I’m hoping we make playoffs this year because it hasn’t been done in a long time we just need to focus a little more in practice,” Senior Ross Ransleben, 6th year player said. “When you’re in front of and audience it adds a sort of hype and gets you more excited and energized to play.”

  Therefore, this season coming is going to be a great one for tennis as they prepare to go against schools like MacArthur, Johnson, as well Churchill and more.

  “I look forward to competing against Macarthur, I feel its going to be a close match because Macarthur is our rival school,” Sophomore Stephanie Valdez said about the match she looks forward to most.

 In conclusion, Madison Tennis players will take their tennis playing above and beyond now and in the future games they play.

  “I want to get more advanced in my playing, i’ll maybe do something on the side for tennis but tennis will always be there for me and i will never give up tennis.

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