October 2013

Grand Theft Auto Five: A Game Worth The Wait

By Mikaela Arce After years of waiting and anticipation, Grand Theft Auto V finally made it’s debut on Sept 17 immediately earning around 800 million dollars within it’s first day of release. Needless to say,…

Hallows’ Eve

By Meagan Ozuna When Halloween was created many centuries ago, it did not have the same meaning it does today. It originated in an ancient Celtic Festival called Samhain and it was a celebration for…

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Chvrch is Back in Session

By Ryan Stephens The new wave movement of the 1980s heard its banshee’s cry in the early 1990s but the last decade gave it a well earned revival. Amongst the new wave revivalists, Chvrches presents…

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The Great Fall of Our Government

By Ethan Martinez Current events fill the noise and chatter of the media, but nothing shouts greater than recent news of the government shutdown. Affected by millions, the shut down left many government funded projects…

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Release for the Fans

By Ethan Martinez The genre of hard rock gave birth to a new album that rocks the world once more. The legendary band The Queens of the Stone Age released their new album Like Clockwork…

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The Evolution of Music

By Ethan Martinez One of the most ancient forms of expression evolved from the sounds of instruments and singing. The sounds form into songs and those form to be something inspirational. This art, known as…

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The Attention Span of Our Youths

By Ethan Martinez In World War II, the American school system ranked number one in education around the world. Over the years, a steady decrease in attention spans of children drastically changed position in the…

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War in Syria

By Ethan Martinez War continues on in the Middle East, killing thousands over the past months. A civil dispute between government and the people of Syria rages for two years and continues to this day….

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Not A Pep Rally

By Fryda De Alva On Sept 19, Madison received the honor of being broadcasted on Fox News, putting out a message that Madison, according to prinicpal Debora Aceves-Torres, is “To show that we’re here, and we’re proud.”…

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New Faces: Joiner

By Danielle Cramberg Felicia Joiner, another of the new members of the assistant principals, is excited to spend her 16 year in education at Madison High School. She is very happy in her new surroundings….

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