Release for the Fans

By Ethan Martinez

The genre of hard rock gave birth to a new album that rocks the world once more. The legendary band The Queens of the Stone Age released their new album Like Clockwork this summer. The excited buzzes from fans far and wide for the return of the Californian band could not be ignored. It’s a wonder what the future holds in store for them.

First impressions of the album blew fans away, with the new feel of slow melodic guitar methods, and fast paced classic rifts and drum loops. In a personal view, the album took a deeper feel and even a slower feeling than their previous records like Era Vulgaris, and Songs for the Deaf.

The negatives begin with what the positives showed, the lack of hard rock that defines The Queens of the Stone Age and their sense of style. The mellow added a nice touch, but the time to speed up never really came into play.

It’s in the minor details that one would find flaw, but over all, the album set the mood for mellow and relaxing while the expectations were set high for future projects. The hope for the new album in the years to come excite the brain and stimulate the cogs in motion.

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