The Evolution of Music

By Ethan Martinez

One of the most ancient forms of expression evolved from the sounds of instruments and singing. The sounds form into songs and those form to be something inspirational. This art, known as music, has helped the human body move in different ways for thousands of years. Endless genres from different ends of the earth and its cultures emerged. Different generations brought music to the mixing pot, defining their era of time and the events that unfolded.

Controversial styles of music raise questions about how the world views different time periods, which could be a good or bad thing. Starting in the sixties, a rebellious generation of Americans began to emerge from the baby boomers in the mid 1940s. The age of the hippies and psychedelic rock began with the use of heavy drugs and protesting of the Conflict in Vietnam, shocking the world with behavior once unimaginable.

Skip ahead thirty years to the 90s, the age of Grunge and punk rock. Another rebellious phase with the dark clothing and distorted guitars led to names that still hang high in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including big groups such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machines, Sound Garden, Alice and Chains, and many more. This defined the era of the “too cool for school” kids, and many worried those influences may lead to permanent decisions. Not to mention the new style known as rap, a poetry based form of song mostly about urban life styles of inner cities. The leisure of the gangster life style began to raise questions of which what kind of message that genre sent to younger listeners.

Today’s modern music compares to a more extreme technologic feel with large bass drops and electronic beats to stimulate dance titles all across the world with different variations of rhythmic sounds. Once again, controversy between musicians argue that whether Dubstep even belongs in the music category.

Some may say that many other genres that emerged can are “better”, but none of them felt new or original. Indie rock, for example, came in to a close second for many new different styles of rock and electronic styles that started in the 90’s. Although the list remained long, the bass dropping Dubstep reigned supreme over all.

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