The Great Fall of Our Government

By Ethan Martinez

Current events fill the noise and chatter of the media, but nothing shouts greater than recent news of the government shutdown. Affected by millions, the shut down left many government funded projects in the dust, including the National Air and Space program, the CDC, and local government employees. The time arrived a few days ago for the return of government employees and funding for all projects, but talk of another shut down in December still remains. Many agree that the shut down did nothing beneficial to the people or to the progress of diffusing the situation of our national debt.

“It did not even remotely help us at all,” sophomore Brennan Denehey said.

Talk of corruption in the loops of the government wanders through the minds of some. While government employees are furloughed from work, members of congress still receive full salaries worth millions.

“I believe the government is corrupt and wants everything to go their way, and get more money,” sophomore Abraham Ramirez said.

When the minds collide to problems, solutions form into possible sparks of hope for the people. What can this mean for our future as students and how can we solve this?

“I would get everyone in congress and form a debate,” sophomore Josh Barbosa said.

Simple yet effective, the government needs to start thinking and fast, for we don’t have another five years to sit around on.

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