War in Syria

By Ethan Martinez

War continues on in the Middle East, killing thousands over the past months. A civil dispute between government and the people of Syria rages for two years and continues to this day. The conflict gained attention this summer when deadly chemical weapons were put to use against civilians, violating many agreements made with the United Nations. Actions taken by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, cause much controversy over his talk of taking part in the war. Arguments over the funding and the amount troops brought into the country of Syria have risen.

The United State’s debt averages at 16.7 trillion dollars and climbs of over a billion dollars a day. Concerns over obtaining a new enemy to battle seems like the last item on the nations to do list, including the nations conflict ending in the middle east with the war in Iraq and the fall of the economy still affecting millions of civilians in the US.

The United States concurs in helping other nations with problems. Some even argue that America plays “World Police” and must let nations settle their differences on their own. We deal with conflicts that do not relate to our well being, and do not engage in our own public affairs. America must put the people first before making such rational decisions in other countries.

The country loses extreme amounts of money every day and the suffering of the government shut down drags the list on. The actions in Syria seem concern many in other countries, but America cannot risk any more costly advances towards the war.

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