Grand Theft Auto Five: A Game Worth The Wait

By Mikaela Arce

After years of waiting and anticipation, Grand Theft Auto V finally made it’s debut on Sept 17 immediately earning around 800 million dollars within it’s first day of release. Needless to say, millions of gamers around the world have been playing it non-stop since, and how showered the work of art in endless compliments.

While the previous, GTA IV, followed the life of a European immigrant in the bustling city of New York, GTA V takes place on the picturesque coast of LA, California. Not only that, but the ability to now play as 3 different swappable characters thereby diversifies the game experience; not to mention it eliminates the usual complaint of being stuck on the same area or mission. Along with the new characters, there are also a new variety of missions, vehicles, customization and activities players have the option of trying, which includes everything from doing yoga to fighting sharks; almost virtually anything can be done as long as you keep exploring. There’s more to the “thug life” than meets the eye though, you can gain your own revenue through completing tasks, and your own reputation-which is a different currency all together but will definitely come in handy. So you have money and a reputation, what now? Build yourself some more- the game has a sense of customization that allows players to create their own self-directed character for options ranging from gender, age, race, and then hair cut and clothes to put it all together. Now that you look your best, you have the option of making your ride an equal reflection whether you want a sick custom paint job, or the fastest car for a perfect getaway; if either are possible why not both?    The beautiful mixture of intellectually complex humor and unrestricted mayhem makes the game a gift unlike any other to the gaming community.

With it’s intoxicating flavor that begs you to enter upon the game’s addictive world of anarchy and free for all, the players held a heavy lust for more and thus: online multiplayer was released two weeks after the main story campaign (Oct. 1)  and since, has been one of the most unique multiplaying experiences of the year. Even if you might find yourself alone in the world of online game, lacking the pleasure of finding anyone exceptional on live (unlikely but perhaps) the game has created an automatic matchmaking system capable of finding other gamers that share a similar skill level as you, but also prioritizes any existing friends of yours already online. Still, there’s plenty to keep you busy once you get going, and as everyone knows: one plus one equals fun (also mass destruction in this case, but honestly it’s about the same thing here when you aren’t really held accountable for anything). Pull off international heists, have a drag race downtown, join in on a death match, or watch the world burn; just some casual joe fun.

Years and years gone into creating the game we see today and after all of its promise, it’s evident it’s lived up to it’s expectations of perfection. The mechanics of the avatar’s movements, the polished detail put into the scenery, the creation of other existing characters, all perfect. Thank you.

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