Kandy Kraze


By Jissele Wright

Ag held their second annual Kandy 4 Kids on Wednesday night in the Ag arena. Many families attended the event even though it was raining outside. According to James Wilson, the Ag teacher in charge of Kandy 4 Kids, the turnout was greater then he expected.

“I had no idea how many people would turnout, with the weather an all,” Wilson said. “Last year we had about fifty families, this year we’ve had about 300 kids. We ran out of candy and are sending a teacher to get more.”

Kandy 4 Kids was established in order to give kids a safe environment to play and get candy while gathering community involvement. The event also gives students from different organizations a place to represent themselves.

“The goal is to get community involvement and to help people understand what we are about. Kandy 4 Kids is a safe place were parents don’t have to deal with door to door problems,” former science teacher Jennifer Warren said.

The games included a bean-bag toss, virtual deer hunting, coloring station, and fishing, among others. Many volunteers enjoyed helping out and putting smiles on the face of those who attended.

” I volunteered because I like helping kids. It’s a lot of fun and you get to share memories with those who attend,” junior Tommy Ramirez said.

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