Bringing Back Unity

By Marlen Zamora

  As the Unity Club students piled into the Piper Bass Student Center on Oct 31 for an NEISD conference, they were soon joined by the six schools of the district. A sense of anxiousness filled the room as no one knew what to expect in the next 5 hours.

 “For this conference we were trying to get our groups to get other kids involved and improve the relationships with not only the students in their school, but students of other schools and bring back what they learned,” Unity Club sponsor Rachael Bartley said.

 Teachers and sponsors were introduced to all the schools as each school showed off their spirit by getting as loud as they could get. The students settled comfortably in their spots with their respective schools and friends, but this didn’t last very long. The speaker of the conference had big plans for each and every one of the students.

“I’ve been to these events before, and we learn there is a lot of little things you can do on campus to make a difference. You can learn a lot of things from students in different schools and keep being friends,” senior Adriana Medina said.

And learn new things they did. The speaker had the students in groups of seven, with no one in the group from the same school. This taught students how to talk to different people and step out of their comfort zone. By the third hour the students went from sharing their personality and what made them the person they had become to the students running around the room hugging and giving out compliments.

” The group I was in was fun, they all had such different experiences they had gone through, and the they told me about the hard times as well as the good times. I’m glad I was able to come, it gave me a sense of awareness really,” junior Claudia Moreno said.

At the end of the conference the students received a paper asking “What did you learn today, that you could do tomorrow?” The Unity club’s goals are to spread diversity and bring the student body closer, plain and simple.

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