Bowling Team Rolls To First Victory

By Travis Ostby

The bowling lanes of Brunswick were filled with excitement and nervousness as the Madison bowling team took to the pins for their first match of the season.

Making their way to the bowling alley, the girl’s team was down one player, as grades made her ineligible to play,  thus they started the match with an automatic zero.

“We needed as many points as we can get,” junior Brittney Zapata said. “And less points make us lose.”

The setback was quite a major thing. But, the girl’s team managed to pull past the opposing team.

“The team performed great,” freshman Jordan Frenzel said. “And I was surprised that the girls did win because of the disadvantage of only four girls.”

As with the girls, the guys bowling team also soared past the other team with tremendous numbers put up by members such as junior Matthew Baker, who scored a 205.

“The major reason for the win is the chemistry between everyone,” Frenzel said.

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