Books v. Nook

By Danielle Cramberg

Nooks, Kindles, and other E-readers have become increasingly popular, replacing hardback and paperback books at unbelievable rates.

The question is whether this is an innovative improvement or a literary travesty.

Nooks come with many great qualities. Most of them serve more functions than just an electronic book, such as the capability to store music or pictures. They can also download useful applications or games. And, there is the undeniable convenience of having your entire library in one device. You can take hundreds of books with you wherever you go and not have to lug around the actual book. They’re also much better for the environment, since books don’t have to be printed in the same mass quantities they once were.

But, if Nooks are so convenient and eco-friendly, why haven’t we transitioned to being completely digital?

The answer is that many avid readers are strongly resisting the change. They cling to their worn, dog-eared books with love and devotion. There is a certain fondness for feeling a book in your hands, in turning each page, that many readers cannot bear to part with. The nostalgia for some people is also reason enough to fight the tide of technological advancement.

So, it is very possible that in our lifetime we will transition to completely digital libraries, hardbacks and paperbacks becoming obsolete. But, if we do see this change, it won’t be one that comes easily.

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