Bowling: Changing The Game

By Mikaela Arce

Keeping their squeaky clean record of remaining district bowling kings and queens, this year’s season is unlike any other due to the new change of the game: co-ed teams.

“This is the first year we’ve ever been a co-ed team [because not enough girl players joined] and so far its been a challenge and a blessing,” junior Katie Wright said. “The whole experience has opened new doors for everyone on the team in terms of how competitive we are with each other. Normally, it’s just us girls and we’re all evenly matched but guys are naturally stronger than girls which gives them kind of an upperhand because obviously their ball is going to be more powerful, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make up for it. No doubt, it’s all a learning process but competing with each other within the team has definitely been great for helping us all become better players.”

Aside from the new challenge of having the team co-ed this year, it’s nowhere near as big a challenge as the game itself.

“Mentality takes a lot of strength to be in a sport like bowling. It’s mostly a mental game” Wright said. “You have three hour training sessions sometimes of just continuous bowling, but it’s all for nothing if you can’t take the mental game. If you don’t have it or you lose it, you’ll break down and then at that point you’ve already lost. The good thing about bowling though, is that you also make lots of lasting relationships and it’s usually lots of fun and lots of teamwork.”

Whether the team is co-ed or not, they’re a very impassioned group, hungry for competition, and prepared to conquer anything and everything for the season.

“The co-ed experiment seems to be going pretty well so far since we’ve won almost every match,” junior Matt Baker said. “It’s cool to see how both the teams have meshed so well. It’s a great team if anyone wants to join. We always have tryouts, always make it to state; we’re a very of passionate, talented, and competitive team.”

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