Plan for the Future

By Mackenzie Wallace

It’s never too early to start planning ahead, which is why Madison hosted a visit for eighth graders on Wednesday morning to review next years class possibilities.

Eighth graders from Krueger, Wood, Driscoll, and Harris visited the Madison campus to scope out the available electives and organizations that would soon be offered to them. The visit was designed to let the incoming freshmen get an idea of the courses they may like to take and begin planning for the upcoming years.

“We wanted them to get excited about coming to Madison, to think forward,” Madison curriculum director Dr. Felecia Joiner said. She went on to explain the importance of planning for high school before arriving. “A lot of courses choose to start before you even come to campus. For example if you’re in band, you may need to start summer band camps or practices. If you take pre-AP classes, there might be summer readings,” Joiner continues. “If you wait until the day of, you’re already behind.”

Students were able to briefly experience the clubs and activities that are available at Madison. In the PAC, performing arts groups were able to show off what they do best. Drumline, JROTC, Madison Avenue, Dollies, and cheer were among the groups to show their talents in the form of dance routines, vocal shows, instrumental presentations, and more. A short walk across campus was required to discover even more electives and clubs handing out information to students in the Ag Arena. Each table offered a supply of information for a different club, elective or core class, from French club to debate. The diverse mix of organizations created a variety of options for every student.

Attendance of information meetings and elective nights will always offer vast benefits to incoming high school students. Getting a feel for the school and the courses, it offers future freshmen to walk in more prepared on their first day. Even current high school students are glad that they attended these types of informational meetings and trips as incoming freshman, as it affected the classes they chose to take today.

“I had been unaware of some of the courses before attending. It helped me get a feel for the school, to see the layout,” sophomore student Sydney Hastings said. “It gave me an idea of the rules and staff and administration.”

Eighth grade students can get more important information by attending the Incoming Freshman Parent Meeting on January 29 at 6:00PM.

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