Video Game Evolution

By Danielle Cramberg

Xbox one. PlayStation 4. Wii. These are modern game systems that everyone knows and loves. Granted, most people love one more than the others, but they are all common. The newest generation has grown up with PlayStation and Xbox’s high quality gaming.

But, it didn’t start out with such high quality gaming.

Back in the days of arcades, kids went and paid endless amounts of quarters to play games with simplistic graphics and try to beat their high scores. Then, in-home video games came around. Atari and Pong were some of the first, with minimal graphics. Now, there are games with such high quality graphics that they’re almost movies. You can see the sweat dripping down the boxer’s face in fighting games, see blades of grass moving with the breeze in military games. Also, now people can play online with anyone in the world who has the same game on the same system. They can meet people that they never would have come in contact with otherwise.

If you told someone in the late 70s that they could play Pong with someone in Japan, both of them in the comforts of their own homes, it would probably blow their mind.

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