Future leaders: Student Council

By Fryda De Alva

On the morning of February 12, Madison’s student council had their annual nomination ceremony to elect officers for the incoming 2015 year, which took place in the auditorium.

“Madison is the only school in the district to pick officers in a ceremony,” senior Cory Johnson said. “Social studies teachers have student delegates picked from each class who are chosen to attend the formal nomination hosted for every office candidate.”

This years’ runners consisted of two vice president nominees, two presidential  nominees, and one nominee for both secretary and treasurer.

“There were about 60-70 delegates chosen to vote for our officers along with the student council members,” student council sponsor Julie Masters said.

Every nominee must give a  speech at the ceremony and also have their own personal tables to show what they’re running for and plan to do if taken up in office. The “main act” of the ceremony consisted of two speeches given by Dr. Felecia Joiner and Masters.

“The whole thing went from 8:30 a.m. to about noon,” explains Johnson.

The positions for the current student council are President, senior Latisha Pean, Vice President, senior Valerie Campos, Secretary, senior Cory Johnson and Treasurer, senior Marcus Prado, who are all extremely excited and honored to hand their positions to the office of the 2014-2015 school year. These new positions consist of new President, junior Melanie Reynolds, new Vice President, sophomore Ysabel Estrada, Secretary, junior Maisie Rice, and Treasurer, junior Marisa Molinar, who couldn’t describe how nervous and ecstatic they all were about writing their speeches, presenting their speech to the council and winning the position they all so dearly wanted.

“It took me a week to prepare for the speech, and a lot of help from my English teachers and officers,” Rice said. “I was really nervous on stage, my voice was shaky. The gist of my speech was how the council helped me grow over these 3 years and that’s how the speech came to me.”

Similarly, Estrada reveals how nervous she was.

“I threw-up 3 times before the speech, and after the speech I cried,” Estrada said.

With the ups and downs Estrada was very fortunate to become the only sophomore officer of 2015.

“My speech was about how I matured from 9th grade year when I was a Senator to 10th being an officer and next year in 11th I would (hopefully) be the new V.P.” Estrada said. “I did want to be the President but I didn’t want to dive into it. I wanted to work my way up. I’m happy I could prove to people I could do it even being a lower class-men; my speech took me about 4 days. It wasn’t hard, I was just honest.”

Last but definitely not last, Reynolds disclosed her feelings, preparation, and inspiration for running.

“I talked about what I’ve done and want to do for the school,” Reynolds said. “The essay took me a couple of days; on stage I was so nervous and shaky but I felt like I was doing what I needed to do. I had a lot of support, and I’ve been in student council since I was a freshmen and I wanted people to know me through the speech.”

Reynolds also went in depth about what she loved most about student council and what she was most thankful for.

“It’s helped me become a better person, I have more people skills, I’m more involved with school and responsibility,” Reynolds said. “I am really happy and excited, as well as feeling accomplished with winning President for the 2015 school year.”

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