Internet Dependence

By Ethan Martinez

Everywhere the world goes, the Internet seems to follow with the vast amount of media that renders every aspect of daily life. From the complimentary Wi-Fi at Starbucks to the last minute essay typed up using the information from Wikipedia, every day the Internet is used to enrich lives or possibly save them.

The age of the Internet reigns upon leaving the past completely obsolete – “the past” ranging from ten years ago to even last week. With the constant updates and maintenance of phones, computers, and tablets, the life of technology and the Internet becomes expensive.

With all the commotion, people stop to think if this takes them down a path that could come with negative consequences. The more this dependence grows, the lazier and inattentive this generation proceeds to be. They won’t need to know how to spell words due to the fact that auto-correct will be at their side, or what year the French Revolution began because the source is just a click away. The end of an honest era of reading and researching arrived right after the beginning of the generation of copy-and-paste.

Aside from the issue of cheating, the other factor of entertainment on the web also contributes to this great global addiction. The lively and somewhat adequate culture of the Internet runs ramped full of social media sites, video browsers, and Internet apps bringing you shows and movies at an instant. All this joyous instant access perceives to be useful and innovative, yet again the dependence monkey that perches on the shoulders of many whispers into ears stating that the speed of the funny cat video could run faster. The bullet-like quickness of the connection never seems to be enough for most.

All in all, the common people begin to be absorbed and habituated to the resourceful power of the Internet. No more books, and very little paper, yet the future still looks bright for a better tomorrow.

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I like to express my emotions by using other peoples expressions.

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