National Honor Society

By Courtney Johnson

The acronym can be seen and heard in almost every high school across the nation. NHS, or National Honor Society, is a special organization for students who display exemplary characteristics and are seen as leaders of the Junior and Senior classes. Students in NHS spend time  volunteering  in their school and community. National Honor Society does not only aim to help the community, but also the students with in the organization.

“NHS benefits students namely because it shows colleges that they are the absolute best in their high school,” NHS head sponsor Anne Ducote said. “They are intelligent, concerned with their community, leaders, and of moral character. I believe it also helps students socially because they are always creating and attending community service and social events.”

On February 20, new students were inducted in to the National Honor Society in a ceremony with speeches from Principle Debra Aceves-Torres, Ducote, and current NHS  officers. After the speeches were given the inductees walked the stage and were presented with certificates to show what they achieved. Once they were initiated the new members began planning their volunteer work.

“I’m excited to help my community and work together with such a great group,” junior Kiona Pittman said.

Current members of NHS were at the ceremony to help usher in the newest group of NHS members. For many of the present members of National Honor Society, it helped to teach them the values of what it means to help the community not because they have to but because they want to.

“[NHS] helped me realize people need each other,” Senior Olivia Lucero said.

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