Spring Break!

By Danielle Cramberg

After Christmas break, most students start the new nine weeks by counting down until spring break. Students are already trying to push through and get to summer.

Spring break is different for everyone. Many people use it as an excuse to pack up and go spend the week at whatever beach is closest. They happily spend their week off lying in the sun, playing volleyball, and trying to boogie board.

Some people choose to work as much as possible to make extra money with their free time. Their part time jobs are now something they have much more time for, at least for that week.

Others are excited to binge watch unhealthy amounts of Netflix and enjoy not being stressed over their classes. They wear sweats and eat chips on the couch for a week.

The main common factor between all teenagers is that spring break is seen as a breath of fresh air for all the stress ridden students, no matter how they choose to spend it.

Unfortunately, not all teenagers spend their break responsibly. Many teenagers use it as another justification to engage in underage binge drinking. Car accidents are the number one cause of deaths in young people, and spring break just adds to that death toll.

According to the Journal of American College Health, during spring break last year, the average male reported drinking 18 drinks per day and the average female reported 10 drinks per day. About half drank until they got sick or passed out at least once.

Spring break, contrary to popular belief, can be enjoyed while sober. We at the Advocate hope you have a great (and safe) spring break!

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