Artistic Accolades

By Mackenzie Wallace

Many students that competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event were publicly recognized at a medal ceremony last Tuesday for their outstanding artistic achievements.

The VASE medal ceremony allowed art students that scored a four in competition to receive their awards. Additionally, the ceremony gave parents, teachers, administrators, and other students the opportunity to observe the winning pieces on display in the library.

“All three art teachers put the exhibit together for the purpose of celebrating artistic achievement. The art teachers feel its very important to give public recognition to those who work so hard in private to produce outstanding pieces,” art teacher Marguerite McCarthy said.

VASE is an event that allows students to demonstrate their art pieces with extensive knowledge on technique, composition, and historical background. Students presented their piece to a judge, going through an interview process to explain the artistic influences the piece is based on and technical aspects used. From there, the students are scored based on their production skills and the strength of their interview.

“Four is the highest score you can get and is a tally of numbers combined based on the quality of art and the student’s ability to express the techniques and aesthetic decisions that went into producing it,” McCarthy said.

These winning pieces, along with various other student-produced works from around the district, can be viewed at Night Gallery on April 9 and 10 at 6 P.M. at Blossom Athletic Center. The public is invited to go enjoy the displays and get a first hand look at the art produced by students all across NEISD.

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