Tragic Tale Retold

By Courtney Johnson

Bright lights, period costumes, and stage make-up; these are some of the many elements that go into a high school theater production. For the Maverick theater department these elements, and countless long hours spent practicing to perfect their production of Hamlet, went into preparing for the U.I.L. One Act competition, which the cast goes to this upcoming Saturday.

Before the competition actually begins, the cast goes to the designated school in order to get one practice on the stage which they will be performing on for competition. During this time the students also put down tape so they know where to place their props when setting up on the actual competition day. About a week later the district meet for One Act takes place.

On the day of districts the cast from each school are given designated amounts of time in which they are to set up the stage props and then perform their selected act. For our cast members practice in preparation for  Saturdays event started even before school, and continued through the school year.

“You never feel ready,” senior Sara Jacobs said. “But we’re in a good place.”

Students had the chance to chance to catch an early on production at the beginning of the year, when the cast performed Hamlet as their fall play. Since then the cast has been working hard to get some of their stunts and sword fights just right. Cast members have even given up their Saturdays for rehearsal.

“We’ve been practicing every day but Sunday,” junior Bradley Fertitta, who also stars as the lead in play, said.

School from all over the district will meet Saturday to perform, with the best school advancing to area. Each school is given seven minutes to set up and then 40 to perform, any time over those would result in disqualification of the school. Hopefully the Hamlet cast hard work and long rehearsals pay off.

“We know the script well but there’s work to be done,” Fertitta said. “There’s always work to be done.”

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