Fattboy’s Burger Joint

By Jissele Wright 

Burgers and hot dogs, American classics, replicated time and time again. It would seem like a safe assumption that finding a good burger or hot dog joint makes for an easy task, especially living in such a big city as San Antonio. You might want to try Fattboy Burgers and Dogs located on 2345 Vance Jackson Road or on 11224 Huebner Road.

In actuality the restaurant makes amazing food at a good price; a single dog or burger barely tops seven dollars and that includes the ice cream, too. The family owned burger and hot dog joint provides great service with polite, friendly waiters, as well as delicious all  beef dogs and premium patties with free dressings and toppings to pile on any order. It’s a casual place to hang out with family or friends without worrying about dressing up or being rushed. Hang out, eat, and talk; there’s no wifi so don’t expect to study or zone out on Instagram.

The establishment, owned by brother and sister Frank Torrez and Veronica Khan, won recognition for its food in both the San Antonio Express-News and KENS-5, which makes perfect sense with the way it tastes. Fresh vegetables, homestyle fries, crispy onion rings, and ice cream sundaes, items on their delicious menu. They even have turkey burgers for the health conscious.

Open from 11 am to 10 pm every day but Sunday, Fattboy Burgers and Dogs is recommended for people with large appetites looking to chow down with no regrets afterwards. A place like this wouldn’t make for an appropriate before prom-date, as the almost retro diner esque feel doesn’t provide the needed romance. But if you and a couple of friends need a good lunch spot, look no further.


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